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In-House/Employee Training

The Cost-EffEctive Way to Efficient Productive Employees

 Every strong business of any size is built on a strong foundation of TEAM competence.When each individual is expert in his field, and all are coordinated in their actions, then and only then do we see real efficiency, high production and increasing profit margins. There’s no secret to it - a competent team sells and delivers more products and services per man-hour. 

 Our training courses don’t exist to train you or your employees in your profession or technical field. That’s not our purpose. Our materials don’t cover how to perform open-heart surgery or how to repair a car; we assume you know your profession. Instead, our courses train you in the principles of the Hubbard management system and give you the knowledge and skill to create and successfully manage a business or career. After years of training in your profession, it’s only right that you succeed in your career. In our courses you’ll find vital information that covers organizing patterns, production lines, efficiency, leadership skills, team building, communication skills, strategic planning, marketing and public relations - and covers it with information you won’t find anywhere else - the core fundamentals and every other aspect of organization you need to truly succeed in today’s workplace.

An entire team trained on LRH’s administrative works puts everyone on the same page: each person knows what others should be doing and what’s expected from them - any unnecessary and unproductive activities within a company are replaced by actual production.

Thus we come to the key benefit of WISE membership - in-house training. Specific levels of WISE membership allow one to deliver courses based on LRH’s administrative works right in your own company. Through this self-paced instruction method with its unique training tools, you can be assured each employee will gain a full understanding of the course material and become able to apply on the job what he/she has studied.


Company Trainer

With these higher level memberships comes the Company Trainer program which enables you to select an employee to train on the procedures and techniques to deliver courses. After a short period of instruction, this employee can deliver all of our Hubbard management courses on-site to you and your employees.


The Economics of In-House Training

In-House training is popular for two reasons: a) it is effective, and b) it is economical.

The costs are:

  • An annual WISE membership (Company level or above) and
  • The course materials for each employee.

And, as there is no limit to the number of employees who can study these courses, a business owner can train literally hundreds of staff on the 26 courses available - all under one WISE membership.

Compared to hiring an outside trainer or sending staff to a weekend training seminar, the benefits are unbeatable.

Specialized Courses

If your activity requires specialized training (for example, technical training on how to sell or use the product or service your company delivers), WISE membership allows you to compile your own courses using pertinent sections of LRH works. Through what is called our “Issue Authority Line” (which ensures the LRH materials are correctly used so full benefit is obtained), we will guide you in methods to correctly compile the courses and authorize them.
We have found that in-house training drastically decreases personnel turnover. Staff become more stable and productive with training. They make fewer errors  and commit less transgressions against the group, factors which could prompt them to want to depart. Instead  this is replaced by pride in a job well done and  displayed competence.

Courses you can deliver

There are 26 courses on LRH administrative procedures you can deliver in your business with WISE membership. Anyone in your workforce, regardless of prior familiarity with LRH administrative works, can quickly grasp the materials on these courses and become a trained and fully effective administrator.

Courses in LRH Study Technology

The first step of study has usually been overlooked, and that is learning how to study. The ability to quickly assimilate information, retain it and then apply the material for the exact intended result makes or breaks any learning endeavor. It is also an essential quality for a successful executive.
While training hundreds of students, and examining the basics and mechanics of study itself, L. Ron Hubbard discovered three universal barriers to study, barriers which block understanding and prevent application. He then developed precise techniques to avoid and handle these barriers - and so made every subject open to anyone who utilizes these learning procedures. Today, they are available in businesses and schools in countries throughout the world.

These techniques, and LRH’s full body of knowledge about learning, make up what is called Study Technology and can be studied on-site in your in-house course room.

With you and your employees trained on LRH Study Technology, you can all move through subsequent  courses rapidly, but more importantly, you can retain the information and be able to apply it to increase efficiency and productivity on the job.

The Basics of Administration

The next stage is training on the basics of Hubbard management technology. This is for all company staff and implements the basic principles of this system, from statistic management to workplace efficiency. There are  six of these courses,  all of which can be completed in a matter of days:

Formulas for Business Success
Management by Statistics
Improving Business through Communication
How to Effectively Handle Work
How to Increase Efficiency in Your Company
Ethics for Business Survival


Training in Key Administrative and Organizational Functions

With employees trained on the fundamentals of Hubbard management technology, the next stage is to study the more specialized functions on the seven-division organizing board to further increase organization efficiency and production. The courses, covering these functions, which you can deliver in your own course room are:

  • Executive Basics
  • How to Get Things Done
  • How to Evaluate and Predict Human Behavior
  • How to Increase Profits through Proper Financial Planning
  • Marketing
  • Basic Organization
  • Survey Course
  • Public Relations
  • How to Expand Your Company by Making Planning Become Actuality
  • How to Write Effective Company Policy

    Additional Courses:
  • Personal Integrity
  • Ups and Downs in Life
  • How to Get Along with Others


Establishing an In-House Course Room

An in-house course room can easily be established using the Model of Admin Know-How workbook. This book literally walks you through: briefing employees on the benefits of training; briefing employees on L. Ron Hubbard and his administrative works; establishing the physical space; training a Company Trainer; getting the needed materials; getting your employees on training line-ups tailored to their positions; running a standard course room, etc. There are even sample legal forms your attorney can adjust to your business so you can properly enroll employees on course.

A Course Room Set-Up Kit (available from WISE) provides all the materials you need to run a course room correctly.

In-house training is the best investment any business owner can make for the future success of his company. In companies where staff are trained, products stream out to happy customers, morale is high and employees are accountable for their actions and for keeping the organization operating and expanding per the fundamentals they have learned. And it’s at this point that you have an organization which is actually an ORGANIZATION.


Delivering in-house Professional Development Workshops

With your Company/Corporate membership level you are also entitled to deliver workshops to your employees, which do not require a person to be fully trained on the delivery of courses - it requires someone familiar enough with the study technology and the content of the workshops to oversee their delivery. For more information, click here.