Member Support

Helping You Get the Most out of Your Membership

To ensure you get the most out of your membership, take advantage of the WISE Membership Support Service,  a toll-free direct line to our Membership Services department.



Our highly trained staff will assist with:

  • Questions regarding the use of your membership benefits,
  • Your execution of the Model of Admin Know-How™ checklists,
  • Implementation of Hubbard management technology in your career or business,
  • Establishing an In-House training program for your employees,

and more.

We’re open seven days a week, from  9am to 11pm Pacific Standard Time. Call 1-800-477-WISE

You can also e-mail us to any time and you’ll have a response the same or next day.

This service is another special benefit that will help your company become the success you envisioned.